Real Estate Law

The Law Office of John T. Petrusky offers comprehensive services in real estate law. With a thorough knowledge of New York commercial and residential laws, processes and a body of experience with many types of cases, the firm helps clients with a wide variety of real estate matters.

With a dedication to total client satisfaction, I handle common real estate transactions on behalf of buyers and sellers, as well as highly complicated issues that involve overlapping areas of the law. My real estate practice includes:

  • Real estate litigation
  • Property ownership disputes
  • Real estate closings
  • Real estate sales
  • Landlord/tenant transactions and disputes

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Residential Real Estate Lawyer

As a Brooklyn residential real estate lawyer, my practice includes individuals and families who are buying or selling homes. I help my clients understand and navigate the process of a sale or purchase, making sure the required paperwork is done correctly and facilitating a smooth transaction on their behalf. I am happy to answer my clients’ questions about all kinds of residential real estate situations.

Kings County Commercial Property Attorney

On the commercial front, I advise and represent business property owners and clients selling or purchasing commercial property. With commercial contracts, I provide thorough preparation and review of leases and other documents to make sure they reflect your interests.

Property Disputes

While many property transactions follow a predictable course, others involve conflicts that require the help of a proficient lawyer. I strive to find solutions to problems through negotiation first. When a dispute proves intractable, I can take a case to court and advocate for my client’s best interests.

Counsel for Landlords and Tenants

In disputes involving a landlord and a tenant, the assistance of a qualified lawyer may be needed. When there are problems with a property, lease conflicts or other difficulties, my detailed knowledge of the law and practical experience can be leveraged to help you solve your problem.

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